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The Cornell East Asia Book Series (CEAS), published by the East Asia Program, is well known within the scholarly community for publishing quality books at affordable prices. We have a well-maintained website, and distribute our own books to the academic community and the public at large via mail-order and a secure online bookstore. We have published many books of lasting historical and literary value since the series was founded in 1972, when the publication was called the Cornell University East Asia Papers and the program was called the China-Japan Program. Some of these titles have gone out of print, mostly due to financial limitations.

Here we are making available the best of our out-of-print collection. Most books are text-only, some include pictures and maps. The books, mostly scholarly monographs, cover a broad range of topics, from historical and literary translations to modern economic analysis. The books were reviewed by scholarly journals, such as the Journal of Asian Studies, and Monumenta Nipponica, when they were originally published. Two examples of the books from the list are: Song, Dance, and Storytelling: Aspects of the Performing Arts in Japan, by Frank Hoff (238 pages) and Barbed Wire and Rice: Poems and Songs from Japanese Prisoner-of-War Camps, by Bishop D. McKendree (212 pages).

By creating a collection of digitized Cornell East Asia Series books from these out-of-print titles, these works will once again be made readily available to the academic community and the public at large, both within the United States and internationally. We anticipate that with a searchable online collection, and a good interface with our series website, that many people will begin using these materials again, and appreciate their availability.

About the Project